Servier and environment - Water

Compliance with regulations

        • Modified order of 2 February 1998
        • Water Framework Directive
Parameter Imposed standards
Flow rate Maximum flow rate: 1000m3/day
Temperature < 30°C
pH 5,5<pH<8,5
Suspended matter 35mg/L or 100mg/L with 90% cleaning efficiency
Chemical oxygen demand 125mg/L or 300mg/L with 85% cleaning efficiency
5-day biological oxygen demand 100mg/L if the flow rate is above 30kg/day or 30mg/L for a higher flow rate or a 95% cleaning efficiency for a higher flow rate
Total nitrogen 30mg/L
or 70% cleaning efficiency
or flow rate below 50kg/day
Total hydrocarbons 10mg/L
Phosphorus 10mg/L if flow rate above 15kg/L or 90% cleaning efficiency
Phenols 0,3mg/L
Total heavy metals 0,7mg/L


Example at Oril:

Installation in 2005 of an ultrafiltration unit and additional tanks for the treatment of nitrogen as a complement to the biological treatment plant, so as to meet the standards set by the prefectural framework order concerning suspended matter, nitrates, and total nitrogen.


Servier goes further…

      • 58% reduction in water consumption at the Arklow site after 3 years of elimination of water loss and improvements.
      • The Madrid site re-uses water from its purified water treatment plant for the watering of its green spaces, thereby saving close to 3 million liters of water every year.
      • Involvement of employees in a plan to reduce tap water consumption at Oril Industrie.
      • 20% reduction in consumption at the Nouasseur (Morocco) and Warsaw (Poland) sites.