Research is as vital as being an industry

Research — the major component of a drug

The excellence of our profession arises from its mission, and what we have to show for it: discoveries, creativity, and new pharmacodynamic activities.

Just as a surgeon is defined not by the scalpel, but by the surgical intervention it enables, so our mission is not simply to sell medicines—the chemical equivalent of a scalpel—but to maintain life and provide relief through them.

Prolonging the span of human life, combating suffering, improving the human condition, creating well-being and hope: what more inspiring goals can there be?

Invent or die

Our research currently ranks among the world’s best. As much as 25% of our turnover is reinvested in research. By way of comparison:

  • 25% of our turnover is reinvested in research
  • 14% reinvested in research by the top 10 world leaders of the pharmaceutical industry
  • 9% reinvested in research by the French industry as a whole

Our very deliberate research policy has achieved significant results:

  • More than 50 000 chemical entities have been synthesized.
  • More than 27 000 patent applications have been filed, including 25 900 outside France.

Our dedication to discovery is reflected in a workforce that numbers more than 3000 researchers.